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The Classic, the OG, everyone has 10 of them, but you alway need a new one

Hand pipes are the old go to when you just want a good clean smoke, and don't need the fuss of a large tube or complicated rig. We have you covered with hundreds of styles, colors, and price ranges to fit every budget. Maybe you want it shaped like an apple, maybe you want a freaky tiki mask, or maybe just a nice small generic piece. Look no further...well then below, I mean you have to look below to see what we have. But i think you'll be surprised by the selection...Go ahead give it a shot!

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Coldberger Hot Dog Hand Pipe Hot Dog Hand Pipe by Coldberger

This Coldberger hand pipe is made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and shaped like a grilled hot dog.


  • Shaped like a grilled hot dog
  • Made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Appearance may vary slightly


  • Length: 4.5 inches
  • Width: 1 inch
  • Weight: 50.3 grams

Our Price: $119.99
Lime-On-A-Stick Hand Pipe Lime-On-A-Stick Hand Pipe

- Length: 6.2 inches
- Width: 1.5 inches
- Weight: 96.9 grams
- This handpipe features a sculpted sliced lime on a stick.

Our Price: $189.99
Millie Madness Starfish Sherlock Hand Pipe by Glass Hopper Millie Madness Starfish Sherlock by Glass Hopper

- Length: 7 inches - Width: 1.5 inches - Weight: 207.8 grams
- This sherlock handpipe, made by the artist Glass Hopper, features many millies and a sculpted star fish on the bowl.

Our Price: $420.00